Roller Massager EMK-312B

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Roller Massager EMK-312B

* Comfortable rotational vibration massage.

* Smooth intensity adjustment, no fixed intensity levels.

* 3 interchangeable massage heads: Wave, triangle arc and roller heads. (scrapping massage head is available).

* Slip resistant handle, easy to grip.

* 12 infrared LEDs and magnetic wave massagse.

* Streamlined shape, lightweight.

* Easy to carry in travelling and home.

The Roller Massager EMK-312B combines ancient Chinese acupuncture techniques with modern infrared technology to loosen and relax stiff muscles. It’s a great way to bounceback after the most intense workday or workout.

1.Clockwise rotation to start.
2.Clockwise rotation to pick up speed, Counterclockwise rotation to slow down it.
3.Counterclockwise rotation to stop it when heard a click.

12 heating light, upgrade the massage effect.
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