Foot Massager EMK-730C

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Foot Massager EMK-730C

* 2 in 1 function: acupuncture massage comes with surrounded airpressure massage.

* 3 adjustable intensity levels.

* Reflexology used on 192 acupuncture points of the feet to relax muscles and increase overall health of the body.

* 24 infrared rays help improve blood circulation.

* Automatic timing power off.

An aching feeling , that’s so enjoyable!

This foot massager makes use the Acupuncture Principle, stimulating Reflection Zone of your soles by Acupuncture Nodes accompanied with Air Pressing as well as Infrared Heat functions.

24 Infrared rays help improve blood circulation.

192 Acupuncture Nodes

This foot massager uses the acupuncture principle, stimulating reflection zone of your soles by acupuncture nodes with infrared heat functions.
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