Palm Massager EMK-001G

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Palm Massager EMK-001G

• Air compression & Vibration & Heating.

• 3 intensities air-compression massage: Weak/Medium/Strong. 

• 4 buttons: ON/OFF, Vibrating, Heating and intensity buttons.

• Battery version

Relax Your Hand

Convenience & Cordless

Intelligent air pressure, vibration, pointmassage, heat compressure, massages the pressure points around the palms andfingers.

Great Gift for people who use their handsmore without relaxation such as computer worker, pianist and housewife etc.

The Total Hand Massager squeezes away the stress and strain of daily life to give you a robust massage experience. 

Pressure points around the palms and fingers. 
Heat Compressure
Vibration Massager
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