Massage Bed EMK-608

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Massage Bed EMK-608

* 33 3D air-bags use rubbing and tapping to massage the neck, shoulder, waist, back, buttocks and leg.

* Dozens of massage types built-it. Can imitate real hands and provide soothing, relaxing massages.

* Multi-functional microcomputer provides massages to each part of the body according to traditional Chinese massage techniques.

* 3 Auto modes and 4 manual modes to choose from.

* Automatic timer:Adjustable cycle of 15, 30 or 45 minutes.
* The Bed Massager imitates human hand massage technique with several built-in massage modes which are ideal for body relaxation.

* It includes warm-up, neck twist, neck knead, turn body aside, straighten chest, waist protrude, waist twist, leg pressing, tapping and so forth massage skills by advanced computerized automatic information processing technique.

* It also combines traditional Chinese Meridian System to practice the in and out contact between air bags and body which achieves muscles massage, bone and tendon stretching as well as body and mind relaxation.
Muscle cells organization pattern
Normally, the cells organization is dense. The air pressure massage makes the distribution of gap between muscle cells, dredging the meridian, help the blood circulation, and keep the body balance of Yin and Yang. So we will feel muscle relaxation, joint mobility, raises spirits, eliminate the fatigue after massage. It’s important to keep the body health.

Folding Instruction

The matress is made of sponge, air bag, safe and environmental. Ultrathin design, light weight, roll up in a bag, ease to carry.

Ultra-light and thin-3CM

EMK-608 provides comprehensive air-bags location, delivering the comfortable massage to neck, shoulder, back, waist, buttocks and feet.
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