Massage Cushion EMK-107

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Massage Cushion EMK-107

* It imitation of the human body vertebra design, shiatsu massage mode, seat vibration and comfortable heating function, can help relieves your back tension and pain.

* Three kinds of massage style (full back, upper back and low back massage) for your choose.

* Massage type including rolling, shiatsu massage.

* Come with heating upgrade the massaging style.

* Seat Vibration.

* 15mins time setting.

* Simply change your common chair to a massage chair when you enjoy this healthy whole back massage cushion, easy and convenient for you,suitable for most kinds of chairs enjoy your back massage any time.

* With all up-down rolling and position massage, you can choose whole back, upper back or even lower back as your interest, satisfy all kinds of needs.

* Delivery the nutrients to all parts of the body and bring you optimum state of good health.

* Moreover, it can alleviate accumulation of lactic acid and relieve muscle pain and stiffness.

Convenient hand controller

Vibration Massage
Hip Vibration massage can help relieve muscle tension and fatigue of the lower body after a long days’ work.

Shiatsu, Rolling Massage

As massage therapist’s hands for you to relieve fatigue

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