Massage Cushion EMK-104

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Massage Cushion EMK-104

* 3D massage type with 12 rotary massage heads combining swing arms provide full back massage.

* Massage type including rolling, shiatsu, spot massage.

* Come with heating upgrade the massaging style.

* Seat Vibration.

* 15mins time setting.

* Simply change your common chair to a massage chair when you enjoy this healthy whole back massage cushion, easy and convenient for you,suitable for most kinds of chairs enjoy your back massage any time.

* With all up-down rolling and position massage, you can choose whole back, upper back or even lower back as your interest, satisfy all kinds of needs.

* Delivery the nutrients to all parts of the body and bring you optimum state of good health.

* Moreover, it can alleviate accumulation of lactic acid and relieve muscle pain and stiffness.


Vibration Massage
Hip Vibration massage can help relieve muscle tension and fatigue of the lower body after a long days’ work.

Convenient hand controller

Shiatsu, Rolling Massage

As massage therapist’s hands for you to relieve fatigue

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